T3D - 3D Investigation and Analysis Tool

3D-Hawk’s Investigation and Analysis Tool - T3D - is the system’s geographically based analysis and scene editing tool.  T3D displays the interactive 3D scene, and provides a virtual 3D environment where the operator can navigate (fly-over mode), examine and edit the 3D model.


TED consists of two main elements:

(1)A 3D viewer for 3D models display. The viewer enables interactive 360º navigation around the 3D model.

(2)The scene investigation and analysis tool. The tool offers the following key features:

- Distance, height and length measuring and marking.

- Geo-referencing to geographic coordinates.

- Integrating the 3D scene with a satellite image of the surroundings

- Line Of Sight calculation.

- Point Of View display.

- Planting symbols and icons in the 3D scene.

- Annotation and naming of objects.

- Integrating a few “close up” 3D models into the main 3D scene


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