3D-Hawk for Post Blast Investigations

The 3D-Hawk system is essential to evidence collection and preservation of a blast scenes. It creates a 3D photogrammetric representation of bombing and explosion scenes, allowing further Post Blast investigations at any time. Weather indoor or outdoor, created from a single video file with one click of a button, the 3D virtual model is ready for investigation and analysis on the spot, within less than 5 minutes or even long after the scene was cleared from evidence. The Scene Video Mapping system uses a high definition camera to record video of the scene from many angles. The objective of this system is to accelerate the removal of evidence from the scene and to improve the accuracy of investigations and evidence collection. It efficiently records the overall structure of the scene to spatially relate items within and to the scene and surrounding area. It helps to ensure that transient physical evidence has been recorded. It allows discovery of physical evidence that may establish that a crime was committed and link elements of the crime to possible suspects. It helps establishing the seat(s) of the explosion(s), documenting blast effects (e.g., structural damage, bent signs, thermal effects, fragmentation), examining the crater, vehicles, structures, etc. documenting the location(s) of victims prior to and after the explosion. It may be used to enhance evidence presentations for internal briefings and, potentially, for external use, such as in the courtroom or during press conferences.


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