CSI – “Freezing” crime scenes in 3D for further investigation

The 3D-Hawk software creates an accurate 3D  representation of a police investigation scene. Created from a single video file with one click of a button, the 3D model is ready on the spot, within less than 5 minutes. The Three-Dimensional Crime Scene Video Mapping system uses a high definition camera to record video of a crime scene from many angles and software to create a virtual three-dimensional model for further analysis. Any measurements not taken at the scene can be lost forever... Evidence collected at the scene using the virtual 3D modeling system is preserved digitally. Weather it’s an outdoor or indoor location, this system allows re-visiting the scene long after it was evacuated. Investigators can use the stored crime scene data to continue their investigations and get the measurements they need long after the crime occurred. The officer can virtually walk in and around the scene, and in-between evidence, without contamination and disturbance of physical evidence. Heights, lengths, tracks, line of sight etc’, are easily measured and marked. The 3D model is a timeless documentation record of the scene, that could be examined at all times, even years after the event occurred. The virtual 3D scene may be used to enhance evidence presentations for internal briefings and, potentially, for external use, such as in the courtroom or during press conferences.


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