3D-Hawk for Traffic Accident Analysis

the 3D-Hawk software creates an accurate photogrammetric 3D representation of a traffic accident scene. A single video file, is recorded by the police officer by walking around the scene, using the dedicated Site Survey Set.

The Virtual 3D model is ready for investigation and analysis on the spot, within less than 5 minutes.


The objective of the system is to accelerate the removal of cars and reduce road closure time. It can help explain the accident, help the investigator reveal facts and locate any given point at the scene at any time, long after the accident occurred.

It efficiently records evidence like Vehicle Final Rest Position, debris or broken parts from vehicles, skid or scrape marks, damage to roadside objects, visibility and condition of signs and signals, road surface condition and more.

It allows the Police Officer to retrace and sketch the paths of the vehicles involved, annotate names of roads and calculate distances, angles of view and possible distractions on the spot.

In other words, it replaces the “old” field measurements and sketch on paper and allows further investigation at the office, long time after the cars were evacuated from the scene.


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